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The Dry River is creating a literary foundation for Los Angeles creatives. image

The Dry River is creating a literary foundation for Los Angeles creatives.

By donating to the Dry River, you are helping us pay writers and artists fair wages.


$1,145 towards $14,000

Crybaby Zine is now Crybaby Press, an independent press based in Los Angeles. Our newest literary publication, with initial release in September 2022 and planned quarterly editions, focuses on Los Angeles’ cultural and physical landscape. Run by four young women, we hope to leverage the voices of writers and artists from around the country. Los Angeles is a diverse and beautiful city, with young voices seeking site-specific publications to speak to their experiences within this city. The Dry River, under Crybaby Press, hopes to create a literary foundation for the vast number of young artists from Los Angeles, living here, or dreaming of Los Angeles from afar.

As an independent press and publication, we are acutely aware of the struggles with funding and fair wages to both the editorial staff and creative contributors. We want to be a publication that writers and artists know they will be paid fairly and treated with respect. Regarding the content we publish, in our first issue, entitled "Transportation," we covered self defense training courses geared towards the queer community, the environmental impact of colonization, sexual assault, access to safe public transportation, and many other important topics.

We hope in the coming months to expand into learning opportunities to share wisdom through connections with local arts organizations and Los Angeles-based higher education.

Our goal of 14 thousand dollars reflects the money needed to publish The Dry River's second and third issues.

Your tax deductible donation will go a long way to helping Crybaby Press meet The Dry River's goal for CREATIVE VISIONS FOUNDATION.

To learn more about Crybaby Press and The Dry River, you can follow us on Instagram and check out our website.