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Creating In The Name of Radical Empathy Through Active Inclusion

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Rise Together Media was born out of the idea that its meaning is a verb, a noun, an adjective, and more importantly, a belief system that provides unity and community to creatives and visionaries, novices and experts, who believe that diversity and inclusion are more than mere buzz words. At a time in history when divisiveness is too loud—we refuse to subscribe to that.

I started this journey years ago having no idea what it would grow into. I knew I wanted to create a space where we celebrated individuality through story. It began with journalism, launching an online magazine, doing editorial for several print magazines, and it led me back to film and television. I started in this business doing makeup, hair and special effects. I knew I wanted to work for the best, and at that time the best were four industry giants, who happened to be men: Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas. I worked tirelessly and as luck (and tenacity) would have it, the only one I didn't get to meet and work with is Scorcese. Years in the industry have taught me something very crucial: equal representation was lacking from nearly aspect of media. The focus in media was on celebrity, instead of showing the humanity in us all. Having grown up in Los Angeles, cultural diversity is quite literally the pulse of the city, but that wasn't being shown in media, not even in media about LA. Story continued to call me, as did my passion for activism and equality.

Rise Together Media represents something bigger than me. It's about the collective whole ...

We are devoted to the misfits, the courageous, the outliers, the freak flag flyers, the ones who rebel against oppression and rise in the name of togetherness. We want to see women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities thrive in every way, in all aspects of media from film and television, to tech and publishing, to art and design. That is the mission. To change the narrative to one of absolute inclusion.

We can't falter in the belief that together we are stronger. RTM is a community steeped in raising others up. We believe that the tide becomes undeniably strong when those who have been asked to sit down, rise and stand up together. We aim to hire those who believe and practice radical empathy through active inclusion.

I have created this company on my own and am ready for growth. As they say, "If you build it they will come", so I built it! I believe in our mission, and it's time to expand, produce, and employ those who have not been given the platform to utilize their voice.

Funds go to expansion, finally hiring a staff, pre-through-post production, marketing, publishing, and bringing those who believe in true equality together, to work side by side through story development and media that pushes the needle forward in a tangible and real way. I want to fuel passion and true empathy through fostering an environment of love, self-reflection, and empowerment through action. Funds directly go to Rise Together Media's growth, outreach, expenses, salaries, development of staff and projects, and bringing these creative endeavors to life in a way that impacts as many people as possible.


It's time to grow these publications so we make an even bigger impact. Our goal is to keep publishing online, but we would also like to do one hardbound coffee-table book annually that highlights people making an extraordinary difference in the world through inclusion and innovation. I have been building all of this on my own and I want to do what I've set out to: hire more writers, editors, designers, and marketing and PR staff. Story is a powerful modality of change.

ATOD Magazine | Lifestyle + Culture with an emphasis on the human connection

Se Lever Magazine | Feminist + Inclusive focused with a lens that celebrates women of color, LGBTQ+, and gender/racial/social/climate activists

PRODUCTION (Mary Effen Sunshine Prods.)

After having spent most of COVID creating TV Series' and stories that centered around female leads, beautifully complicated and related characters, with storylines that we can all connect to, these screenplays have all won awards and honors, and we need the funding to produce these and get them out into the world.

"Spiraling" - SHORT FILM (An award-winning screenplay centered around trauma and hope.)

"The Confidence [wo]Men" - PILOT EPISODE (An award-winning teleplay and TV Series')

"Spiraling" - PILOT EPISODE (The award-winning short film's [proof of concept] TV Anthology Series)

The above screenplays are available for review here at Coverfly.com


My vision for Project Yellow House is to tell the story of triumph through adversity, hope through collective creation, and find the human thread among us. This is a very grand vision that encompasses an art exhibition, mixed media, performance art, a mentorship program, and community outreach through cultural connection. White Lies + Alibis is a dinner series I began with my incredibly talented friend, New Orleans Chef, Ryan Rondeno. Together we create experiences that raise money for local non-profits, specifically those empowering inner city children through creative outlets. The dinners are an opportunity for people to come together, lean into kindness and compassion, enjoy music, art, exquisite food, and most importantly, commUNITY.

Project Yellow House

White Lies + Alibis


I launched this podcast to help other writers along their journey. Writing and storytelling are incredibly challenging professions, often leaving us with self-doubt which stifles our natural curiosity. I started this podcast while I was actively working on creating multiple TV series' and films, to share the mistakes, the lessons, the drive to keep pushing, and the motivation to remind those out there that no one sees the world the way they do - and that is a superpower.

Drinking In The Pen

Join me in supporting real change in media. Let’s support good in the world and make a difference through the creative lens. Help us change the narrative ... CREATIVE VISIONS FOUNDATION is providing the platform for us to be actionable ... for women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities everywhere.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal at CREATIVE VISIONS FOUNDATION.

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