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Join The Silver Savior Road Trip

Journey with me in my vintage Airstream as I explore and document those who are reinventing the American Dream


$350 towards $25,000

You see, I am haunted by an American dream. In my past I conjure up road trips across the United States, particularly through the west in the back of our family station wagon with Glen Campbell on the eight track. Unique cafes, conversations with locals running them, stores that weren’t chains, but proud and different. I remember when folks weren’t in a hurry. It hit me about four years ago stopped at a traffic light. A young man walked across the street, head bent down in obvious sadness. And then Covid. We’re all feeling the change: loneliness, homelessness, suicides and drug overdoses are at an all time high. In addition, many folks are wanting and needing change in their lives, based on passion and purpose for a life filled with meaning in a big box world. I will take you on my personal journey to find how to tap in to that for yourselves.

Dan Eldon has made a huge impression on my life by doing what he could through art, journeying and documenting. It is why I reached out the the founder of Creative Visions, Kathy Eldon, to tell her of my quest. She was on board immediately. I just can’t tuck myself away in my studio anymore. My calling is out there. My mission: I want to meet, create, document and help the communities and folks who make up this great country to inspire hope and healing in a heartbroken country.

Dan Eldon's spirit, humor and drive will ride shotgun on this trip! As he put it all so well, the journey IS the destination.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for The Silver Savior's Mission!

And thank you for believing in the mission that ART SAVES!

Future friends to meet. Treasures to be found.

Windows rolled down.