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Releasing the film was the first step. image

Releasing the film was the first step.

Help The Quiet Epidemic's social impact campaign continue to educate audiences around the world about Lyme disease and the need for new research and therapeutics to combat this epidemic.


$172,785 towards $575,000

The Quiet Epidemic is an award-winning documentary about the controversy surrounding Lyme disease. Following a robust film festival circuit, theatrical run and VOD release (Amazon and AppleTV/iTunes), hosts are bringing the film to their communities around the world and our impact team is bringing the film—and calls to action—to Congress.

We always knew that making the film was just the first major step toward building a movement. Now, having witnessed the power of The Quiet Epidemic firsthand, we are more committed than ever to the next phase of our impact work.

A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will directly support our mission to change the narrative around Lyme disease.

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