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“Farmers are the people that give life to the world. If I could feed people good quality food, it may change the way they look at food, and in turn, change the way they look a life”

-Sekani Nash, Organic Farmer


Feeding Tomorrow is a story about the interconnectedness of our food, health, and climate. It puts the tangible solutions in agriculture, healthcare, and education that are transforming our relationship with food and the planet at the center of the plate. Our aim is for this film to inspire people to bring these solutions into their own communities to ignite cultural and systemic change that continues to question how we grow and eat food today so that we can all work towards a more regenerative future that feeds tomorrow.

The goal of the Impact Campaign is to capitalize on the awareness, passion, and excitement of the film to provide everyone with ongoing, tangible opportunities to support a healthier food system. Specifically, the campaign will provide resources to support local, organic, and regenerative farms. As well as teach people how to grow food and flowers, eat more plants, compost, and support equitable policies at the local and federal levels. Together, we will build a grassroots movement to inspire and catalyze change at every level of the food system.



My name is Oliver English and I am a filmmaker, chef, and food advocate. Growing up in the restaurant business, I had always been connected to food. Over the years I have worked nearly every job in the restaurant business - from busser, and bartender, to host, server chef, and eventually restaurant developer. Despite this extensive experience, and working for some of the top chefs and hospitality companies, it wasn't until several years ago that I for the first time asked the question:

Where is our food coming from? Or realized that it had a larger environmental, health, and societal impact. I started to meet with local farmers around the world in locations where I was opening restaurants and found them to be some of the most passionate, dedicated, and inspiring people I had ever met.

My brother Simon, a filmmaker, suggested we start interviewing a few of them. That idea led us to begin filming interviews with other leaders and innovators in agriculture, healthcare, education, and entrepreneurship. We soon realize that this disconnection to food was part of a larger societal disconnection to our environment and consumption patterns. Together with our team, we set out to share their stories, and how food and our food system can be a powerful solution to some of the biggest health, environmental, and social justice issues of our time.

FEEDING TOMORROW was born. Over the past 6 years, we have created a feature-length documentary, won awards for the best environmental documentary film at the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival, and screened the film at the COP 27 UN Climate conference in Sharm El Sheik Egypt, with Food Tank during Sundance. We are also preparing for upcoming Screenings at the Bahamas International Film Festival and for our European premiere at the Riviera International FIlm Festival in Italy in May.


The Impact Campaign will include the following components:


We are building an ecosystem of passionate and dedicated individuals, organizations, brand partners, and nonprofits all around the world to support the completion, launch, and impact campaign for the Feeding Tomorrow documentary. Our goal is to catalyze interest, excitement, and inspiration around them into real, tangible impact in people's lives, in their communities, and in the environment at large. We will further enable and inspire lasting and tangible action. We will build a website hub for connecting, sharing, and giving people who watch the film various options and ideas about how to turn the film's Call to Action - into making a real impact in their communities.

From plant-based food recipes, gardening videos, and brand partner highlights, we will show and share tips and ongoing inspiration for living more sustainably. For example, utilizing our official partnership with the American Farmland Trust, we will provide visitors with the most extensive database of farmers' markets in the United States. We will also provide a suite of options to help people start growing their own food and flowers - from front yards to window pots to hydroponic gardens. To close the loop, we will provide options for donating food and composting.


Over the last three years, we have worked with school parents, leadership, members of the city sustainability department, and the local community to envision and build a new Regenerative School farm for the Will Rogers Learning Community in Santa Monica, CA. It is a model that can be utilized at schools and hospitals throughout the country and the world. The new school farm is a vision for immersive, regenerative education - an education that celebrates our connection to the natural world, and each other.

Further, we will demonstrate to students, and the broader school community, that we can be active agents of change. Through a greater connection to food, plants, and nature, together we can create a healthier, happier, more just, and regenerative world. We will continue to work with the school to build and create a working model for holistic education where kids learn about healthy eating and sustainability on the school farm. At the school farm, we will help purchase additional equipment, a chicken coup, an outdoor kitchen, and ongoing events and activations.


In conjunction with the official launch of our feature documentary, FEEDING TOMORROW, we will launch a nationwide Dinner + Movie tour on regenerative farms in and around key cities and locations around the United States. We will create a fully immersive experience outlining the future of food, an exclusive preview screening of the documentary, and a local farm-to-table local dinner at organic and regenerative farms.

Each dinner will bring together an intergenerational coalition of local farmers, chefs, tastemakers, and educators for conversation and collaboration. The Menu will be inspired by the key lessons learned from the film about the healthiest, most sustainable, and most delicious diets. Our mission will be to build a grassroots movement to support the website, future school farms, and gardens and to build support for Regeneration on the 2023 Farm Bill.