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When We listen To Nature, We Can Turn Around Any Ecosystem, And It Starts With Water. image

When We listen To Nature, We Can Turn Around Any Ecosystem, And It Starts With Water.

Together, let's tell the powerful story of environmentalists bringing water back to heal our planet


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When Hope Spreads, The World Changes For The Better

Can you imagine a world where our children and grandchildren can enjoy clean rivers, drink from fresh mountain springs, and appreciate the abundance of nature's waters? Can you picture a world where the life-giving rains replenish the lakes, aquifers, and streams that support all life on this planet? We can create this future, but only if we take action now.

Support the making of Nature Is My Teacher - a compelling new film to inspire change and strengthen our sacred connection with water. This film will take you on a transformative journey alongside Anna Valer Clark and Rodrigo Sierra Corona, two dedicated conservationists. The film tells the uplifting 40-year story of successful environmental restoration along the U.S.-Mexico border - one of North America's most biodiverse regions. Filled with hope and resilience, the film will reveal insights we can all embrace to become better stewards of our planet's precious life source.

Why Now?

The global water crisis is not a distant threat but a stark reality that demands our immediate attention. By 2030, demand will outstrip supply by a staggering 40%. This means that nearly half the world's population could face devastating scarcity by 2050. The time to act is now; your support can make a tangible difference.

Water is the source of all life. It nourishes our crops, quenches our thirst, and carves out pristine landscapes. We cannot exist without it. Yet, we often take it for granted until the well runs dry. "Nature Is My Teacher" will awaken us to water's importance and inspire a new generation of water protectors.

Anna and Rodrigo at The Night Of Ideas in Los Angeles

Ready To Join Us?

Water is essential for life. It sustains our bodies, ecosystems, and our shared heritage on this planet. Join us in this noble cause—whether one penny or one million, every drop counts in making the world a better place. The time to act is now. The future of water starts with you.

Your contribution is an investment in our shared future. It will support filming activities in Arizona and Sonora, create a compelling trailer to gather supporters, promote awareness through social media, and recruit essential production talent. Together, we can spread hope that will positively impact communities around the globe.


Production Company: Reine Willing - Odamax Films/DocuWize

Producer & Director: Juliette Bouquerel - Be Your Change Media

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